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Samsung 60"  Smart tvWhy Get A Smart TV

 Welcome to Here I will give you a full overview of what are Smart TVs and review in my opinion the best brand and size to choose from.

This site was set up to help those looking to buy a Smart TV.However,if you have recently purchased a regular tv and after reading this article you want to have the Smart TV capabilities,that is possible also.

So lets get down to explain what,why and how to get your hands on a Smart TV
without “breaking the bank”

A few weeks ago a buddy of mine invited me over to watch the ball game and I guess to impress me with his newly acquired Smart TV.I knew he had bought a large TV What I saw was not only a Big screen TV but a realy good looking addition to his living room so astonishing, great picture quality and at the same time he was surfing the internet.WOW!!!

Was I impressed? I heard about Smart Tvs before but never saw one in action.I figured that all Tvs were the same the only difference being the size.Was I in for an education.

I guess there are millions of people like myself who don`t know what`s a Smart TV and think all tvs are the same except for the size.So I decided to research this bad boy and share this information with you so that anyone can make an educated decision when buying your your next TV (maybe a Smart TV).

So what exactly is a Smart TV?

When new TV’s first began to incorporate high definition displays, it was a landmark moment within the industry. HDTV’s were arguably the most important revolution in the design of TV sets since the transition from black and white to colour TV. However, HD has been around for over a decade and the technology has increasingly been seen as a standard feature. The next revolution in TV’s is the Smart TV.

Like smartphones, a Smart TVhas internet functionality and can perform a broad range of tasks aside from displaying TV and movies. One of the most significant features of a Smart TV is to connect to the internet. That internet connection can be used to empower a TV to perform an endless array of tasks. Using this internet connection, a smart TV can connect to other streaming services which can reduce money spend renting physical movies.

The additional features don’t stop here. Smart TValso have web browsing capabilities built into them. Instead of switching between a TV and a laptop, smart TV users can watch TV and surf the web at the same time at one screen. Another feature of a Smart TV is the ability to run apps. Depending on the operating system used, there may be dozens of apps that are available for the user to access right from his or her TV. 
One final noteworthy feature of a Smart TV is the ability to access content from the user’s computer. This enables access to a user’s existing video and music library on their TV. Smart TV let the user watch their saved movies and TV shows on the biggest screen in the house, the way they were meant to be viewed.
With that said.

What is the Best Smart TV?.
I have selected 5 top Smart TV`s to choose from.My first choice is the Samsung 60 inches Smart TV.

Product Features and Reviews are really awsome.So lets start with the features:

Product Features: 60 Inches
1080p HDTV : Better picture quality
120Hz Refresh Rate: Better for general viewing and good for video games, action movies, and sports
Smart TV: Interact with streaming content on the web.
So Why Smart TV.?

The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like – and more. Navigate within the 5 Smart Hub content panels. Easily discover movies, shows, and social posts with less searching and more

Allows your TV to wirelessly access and stream content from any compatible device, like a PC or mobile device. Share movies, photos, and music all through a single device: your TV. And with cloud technology, you can access and even share content away from home.

Discover what you want to watch with customized content options based on your preferences.

Smart Hub
Our new interface organizes your entertainment and content into 5 convenient panels: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your Photos, Videos and Music.

Universal Remote Control
A remote control that has universal function and can therefore operate various types of devices such as a set-top box. Minimizing the amount of remote controls necessary.

Dual Core Processor
Dual Core processing speeds allow you to perform multiple tasks at the same time. It also enables fast web browsing while playing apps or TV programs that you’ve recently opened through the Recent History feature. 

Built-in WiFi
Enhance the connectivity capabilities of your TV with Built-in WiFi. 

Full Web Browser
All the benefits of full web browsing, right on your TV. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather, entertainment, blogs and more. Discover even more content possibilities with your Smart TV. 

Clear Motion Rate 240
TVs with a Clear Motion Rate of 240 can display action-packed movement with detailed sharpness, clarity and
contrast. Clear Motion Rate was developed to accurately  measure how well an LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. Previously, motion-clarity was calculated by the frame refresh rate alone. But CMR offers a more complete  measure by calculating 3 factors: frame refresh rate, image  processor speed and backlight technology. 

Silver Quad Stand
Designed specifically for your Samsung TV, the Quad stand provides stylish support.And much more


Now don`t just take my word for it>>>>>just read what others have to say about this product.


Kevin Rogers
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
Samsung UN60F6300 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV (Electronics)
Got the 60 inch UN60F6300 delivered yesterday. So far we are very happy with this tv. Nice picture. Smart features working well. Was easy to set up remote to work Directv box and Samsung sound bar(has the HDMI ARC so bar actually works via HDMI). Would recommend tv.

Update: 4/24/2013: Streaming works fine on my tv. I streamed a movie off of Amazon Instant video. No lag at all. I have had no problems streaming Pandora or You tube. Everything streams fine. No complaints. READ MORE

This is a smart TV and requires some set-up. I had to call the support line twice because I failed to adequately read the manual. The support line remotely accessed my TV and checked the settings, loaded the latest up-dates, and I am good to go. My set top box is actually a “whole house DVR” so the Samsung remote will not control all the recording functions, but using both power buttons on the supplied remote will turn the TV and STB on and off together. My wife and I are very happy with the TV. READ MORE

Eapen S Mathew
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) Samsung UN46F6300 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV (Electronics)
image – easy to tweak to your environment. I often adjust it based on the ambient light. Like any other TV, it’s unlikely that out of the box the factory settings will suit your space (unless you get v lucky) – so long as you take the 3 minutes to titrate the settings and optimize them, it will be good. This is the most customer-dependent aspect of the television. Some people pay a technician to do this for them, but if their television is in a room with changing light (anything but a home theater room) the image settings will not adjust to the changing ambient light – so just learn how to be a do-it-yourself person for image…..READ MORE or visit

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